Please refer to the membership options below. You can pay by any of the 3 methods below:
1. Zelle payment to (please write “MMD Membership” in the memo)
2. Check Payable to MMD.
3. Use the online payment option below.

Click here for 2023 Membership.

Membership discounts till 31st December 2022, so HURRY !!

Become a MMD member and join our Volunteer team too !!

Lots of Membership categories to suit your needs
Single + child,
Single + 2 children,
Couple+1 child,
Couple+2 children,
Couple+3 children,
as well as sponsorship categories like Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond !!

Membership Initiatives:

Referral Program – MMD members will be given $10 for each NEW family/member they refer to join MMD. (The person or anyone in the family should not have been an MMD member since 2015). The new member should send an email to with the name of the person introducing them to MMD and a check of $10 will be sent to the referring member. The member who sends the referral will get $10 per new member or new family. (E.g.. If they refer 2 families or 2 persons from different families they get $20.) 

  • Membership includes six MMD core programs (Sankrant, Gudhi Padwa, Picnic, Ganesh Utsav, Kojagiri and Diwali).
  • Members get discounts for premium seats whenever offered for-MMD sponsored programs.
  • Parents of members get discounted member rates.
  • All other guests get non-member rates for MMD events.
  • Member children under 5 years of age get to attend all programs free.
  • Baby sitting will be arranged during many MMD events available at an additional cost per child.
  • Member children above 21 years of age are treated as guest.