Membership Initiatives:

Referral Program – MMD members will be given $10 for each NEW family/member they refer to join MMD. (The person or anyone in the family should not have been a MMD member since 2015). The new member should send an email to with the name of the person introducing them to MMD and a check of $10 will be sent to the referring member. The member who sends the referral will get $10 per new member or new family. (E.g.. If they refer 2 families or 2 persons from different families they get $20.) 

  • Membership includes six MMD core programs (Sankrant, Gudhi Padwa, Picnic, Ganesh Utsav, Kojagiri and Diwali).
  • Members get discounts for premium seats whenever offered for-MMD sponsored programs.
  • Parents of members get discounted member rates.
  • All other guests get non-member rates for MMD events.
  • Member children under 5 years of age get to attend all programs free.
  • Baby sitting will be arranged during many MMD events available at an additional cost per child.
  • Member children above 21 years of age are treated as guest.