विघ्नहर्ता – गणेशोत्सव २०२१ 

MMD Dhol Tasha in New York…

When your Dhol Tasha Pathak makes waves, it is indeed a great feeling!! We want to take a moment to thank Pranav Aundhkar and his team for their outstanding performance at the 75th Independence Day celebration at Time Square! We are super proud of the team, their leadership and organization!

 It was an amazing high octane performance by Maharashtra Mandal’s Dhol Tasha team in New York City. It was a truly well organized and disciplined event, not possible without efforts of each and every member of the crew…

This team put in 3 months of practice with the support of their families & MMD members, and made it a big success….!!

Maharashtra Mandal of Detroit thanks all the delegates of the Dhol Tasha Pathak and wishes them the best in all their future endeavors


Our Picnic ….

Rain looming over the forecast while we were still planning to go ahead with our first outdoor event after almost a year and half !!

Thanks Sunil Kelkar #1 to the spot with gazebo and generator!! Everyone trickled in right after and soon we had a crowd !!
A few decorations, bubbles to welcome , frisbees to play and a dhamaal start with our MMD DHOL TASHA group led by Pranav Aundhkar. Panhe was our welcome drink and boxed lunch included delicious Pav Bhaji , Upma / chatni , Khoya jamun followed in the afternoon with Watermelon and MMD special Tea !
A great turnout and much fun watching the young children run with excitement for our standing Musical Chairs ! Bingo was fun too with a lot of the younger kids interested in playing the game !
The enthusiasm is back , fun is back and it is indeed a good feeling to meet up with friends and family!
Thanks for our four legged members who provided special joy !

Looking forward to our next event!
Thanks to all the Members and Non Members for your participation and help at the event!
It takes many hands to run a successful event!

Thanks to Varsha Pathre – Khoya Jamun pickup , Rajeshwari Bhagwat- decorations , Kedar Oka – our logistics one man army , Sunil Kelkar – tech support, Deepa Ingle / Kiran Ingle – panhe and inventory support , Milind Vale – Food Menu , Pradnya Tambat / Manoj Patil – Pav Team , Smita – water support, Sheetal Sonar – Bingo, Sanjay Mehendale – Gloves ( very important) and Harshad Annigeri- Photos

See the pictures of the event here! Mandal Aaple aabhari aahe 🙏🏻