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2016 President's message

आकाश कंदिल लाघले दारांत! उजळल्या ज्योती दीप अंगणांत! सडा सन्मार्जने सजल्या अंगणी! आली आली आली सणांची ही राणी!!
मंडळी, दिवाळी एक आनंदोत्सव: होय… दिवाळी म्हणजे खरोखरच सर्व सणांची महाराणीच. ती महाराणी म्हणूनच तिचा मोठा थाट आणि ती येते ही अखंड दिव्यांच्या झगमगाटात. चला आपणही दिमाखात साजरी करूया आपल्या मंडळात. MMD 2016 टीम आपल्यासाठी घेऊन येतेय खास आपली आवडती गाणी आपल्या लाडक्या गायकांच्या आवाजात!
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A huge suceess of Omkar, 2016 MMD Ganapati festival led by Mansi and Amita was incredible. All saw a spectacular display of talent from the young members of our community! Kudos to all committee members accomodating more than 1200 attendees!
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2016 MMD Picnic was a fantastic program delivered by the 2016 committe under Preeti's Program Management! Few comments that we heard, can't help sharing them:
- "Well organized picnic. It is becomign a must be at event for MMD. It is drawing our kids, parents and each year we add something fun to this outdoor event."
- "Every aspect of the picnic was well planned and executed."
- "It was a treat for us."
- "Special touches like sengdana pudi, kakadi, senior talk were awesome."
- "Cheerful volunteers and continuous feeding to the attendees."
- "Some people were tired of eating"
- "Youth committee took the last minute challenge for “flash mob” for Picnic and did it fabulously."
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Marathi Shala is one of BMM's most successful initiatives and Aaple Mandal MMD is proud to have completed yet another successful year!!!
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Another sucessfull event, MMD 2016 team brought you an award winning Marathi natak "Selfi" with famous artisets from India!
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We celebrated 2016 Padwa event with a grand success with great program, delicious food at Seaholm highschool on April 30th. "Fu Bai Fu" fame actors presented superhit "Full to Dhamal" marathi commedy skits!!!
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We organised screening of marathi movie " Natsamrat" on Feb 21st ,2016 in AMC Southfield. Over 400 tickets were sold and the show was a huge hit.
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Our youth committee organized and managed " Kids movie night" all by themselves which was attended by more than 40 kids.
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We celebrated Sankrant 2016 with grand success with Pu. La. Ek Anandyatra by California Art Association and the delicious food on January 30th at Novi High School.
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We conducted our first successful volunteer event on January 9th at Gleaners Community Food Bank of Southern Michigan. Click here to see the photos.